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About Economic Moat

Warren Buffett coined the term Economic Moat at a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting in 1994 to outline their investment strategy.

He said that they invest in companies that have a wide economic moat, and an honest lord (or leader). That sounded pretty good to us, so we decided to do the same.

An Economic Moat is defined as something that gives a company a lasting competitive advantage. A competitive advantage gives a company more market share and, as a result, more profit.

We believe that we offer a competitive advantage to the businesses we invest our time, money, and resources in.

We invest in people first, and provide the resources to give them an advantage!

Types of Companies We Invest in:

Online Businesses
Brick and Mortar


Mitch Wilder
Co-Founder, Partner
Kevin Spear
Co-Founder, CEO
Micah Fraim

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